Where Are Kim, Brad, Angelina, Adele And Some Of Your Other Favourite Celebs Going On Holiday?

Where Are Kim, Brad, Angelina, Adele And Some Of Your Other Favourite Celebs Going On Holiday?

Yes, I’ll admit it I read the Mail Online (only the right hand column mind) to get my daily dose of showbiz news. Ask me who’s divorcing who, who’s falling out of nightclubs and who’s holidaying where and I’m ashamed to admit it but I will probably know. My sources tell me that the Kardashian clan are well known to holiday in Mexico, Rihanna regularly goes home to Barbados and parties up a storm, someone from Made In Chelsea is always lounging on a boat in the Mediterranean and if there isn’t a celeb in Dubai there must be something wrong with the world!

With celebrity stars in mind I thought I’d have some fun with the Flight Centre’s new ‘Travel Name Game’. It’s a fun new tool where, by entering your name into it, you can find out where most people with your name travel to according to their database. The data used in the tool is based on actual bookings made by Flight Centre UK customers.

I’m a bit of an info geek so here are some interesting facts from the Flight Centre database:

  • David is the most travelled name and he is most likely to go to Bangkok, Thailand.
  • The most popular city to visit is Sydney, Australia.
  • The most travelled country is the USA.
  • Bruce and Sheila are more likely to visit Australia than any other country.
  • The most popular destinations are 1) USA 2) Australia 3) South Africa 4) Thailand 5) New Zealand 6) UAE 7) Spain 8) Canada 9) Italy 10) India.
  • According to the data, men called David, John, Michael, Andrew, Peter, Paul, Robert, Christopher and Richard are most likely to travel. Susan, Sarah, Elizabeth, Margaret, Jennifer, Patricia, Helen, Emma, Mary and Laura (me!) are the female jet setters in the UK.

Before I get on to the celebs, let me indulge a bit on me or the ‘Lauras’
The top destination for Laura is Sydney, Australia. Australia has been on my bucket list for so long now but I have yet to make it there. The second destination for me is New York, USA which I have to say is my absolute fave city in the world. I’ve been twice and it is a place I could definitely move to. Third is Bangkok, Thailand. Again, I’ve been here a few times and I think it’s a city that often gets overlooked and used only as a hub to get around Thailand but it has so much to offer from its temples, Palace, street food, rooftop bars, shopping and markets.


So where are the celebs going I hear you cry?

  • Kim Kardashian and I clearly have similar tastes, her top destination is also Sydney, Australia with Johannesburg, South Africa coming second and Melbourne, Australia coming third.
  • Brad Pitt and Adele’s top destination is Brisbane, Australia.
  • Angelina Jolie’s and Jordan aka Katie Price’s top destination is New York, USA.
  • Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s is Beijing, China. Interesting, I didn’t expect that one!
  • Rita Ora is most likely to go to Perth, Australia.
  • Mel B or C for that matter, their top holiday choice is Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Alexa Chung will be found shopping in Rome, Italy.
  • You’re likely to find Ed Sheeran sunning himself in Mauritius, The Indian Ocean.
  • If Elvis was still alive or if you believe the conspiracy theories that the King is in fact alive, you might find him in Douala, Cameroon!
  • And finally if Coleen Rooney ever lets Wayne out of her sight again (naughty boy!), his top holiday destination is Bangkok, Thailand. I imagine he’d have some fun there!

Give the Travel Name Game a go yourself
Just type in your name and see what destination you’re most likely to travel to. Maybe you’ll find that the predictions for your name are true and you’ve already ticked off that bucket list destination or perhaps it will give you some holiday inspiration to visit an exciting new place that you’ve never really thought of before.

Where does the Travel Name Game have as your top destination? Have you been there or is it now on your hit list? Let me know how you got on below.

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